Jessica Cahn, M.A., LCSW #106631

Primary Therapist Intensive Outpatient Program (PHP/IOP)

Jessica Cahn, M.A., LCSW


PTSD + Trauma

Substance Recovery


Attachment, and Secure Relationships (training w/ Dr. Diane Poole Heller)


Somatic Experiencing



About Jessica:

Jessica Cahn is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker providing group and individual therapy in the San Fernando Valley. She received her Master’s in Social Work from California State University Northridge.

Jessica also works part-time in adult residential treatment centers (RTC’s) offering trauma-informed therapies. Jessica combines a bottom-up approach (Somatic Therapy and Brainspotting) with a top-down approach (talk) therapy. She works together to restore her client’s brain-body connection to feel more like themselves. Jessica specializes in trauma and addictions and is passionate about working with individuals recovering from addiction or those around others with addiction patterns.
Jessica has worked since 2015 as a primary therapist, program director, and clinical director in residential and outpatient treatment facilities, specializing in dual diagnosis programs for teens and adults.

Jessica’s therapeutic experience includes working with underserved communities in Head Start programs for children ages 3 to 5, facilitating parenting groups for adolescents and their families, providing group and individual therapy for at-risk high school students, and leading group therapy for formerly incarcerated individuals to reduce recidivism rates.

Jessica is a supportive and compassionate therapist that incorporates various treatment modalities into her practice to fit the needs of her clientele.