Lauren E. Alon, LCSW

lauren alon


Trauma Focused CBT

PTSD and Anxiety


Family Therapy


Stress reduction

Intergenerational trauma

Attachment/Relational therapy

Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders

About Lauren

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, I provide individual, group, and family psychotherapy and psycho-education to support healing from trauma, relationship challenges, and managing mental illness. Gratitude, kindness, empathy, optimism and belief in the power of resiliency and healing are guiding principles in my personal and professional life.

While completing my undergraduate degree at the University of Arizona, I volunteered as a case manager serving high risk youth experiencing poverty and community violence, held an internship at the public defender’s office in Tucson, Arizona, and worked as a youth development counselor at a group home. I felt a strong connection to working with others to overcome situational, emotional, developmental, and mental health barriers to happiness.

These experiences enriched my understanding of the impact of situational and community stressors on developmental and emotional growth, and the impact of trauma throughout the lifespan.

Following graduation from the University of Southern California with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, I conducted therapy at Aviva Community Mental Health, specizliing in treating family trauma and the impact of community violence on youth and families. Working collaboratively with individuals, organizations, schools, and support systems involved in clients’ lives enhanced outcomes, and is a treatment approach that I carry with me to this day. I also worked at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, and received training and expertise in CBT and Trauma focused treatment, and continued to build expertise in treating trauma and intergenerational transmission of trauma. I continued my professional growth in treating trauma and mental illness at the Wilshire Valley Therapy Center.

I provided individual and group mental health treatment in a residential treatment center for adolescents impacted by trauma, family relational problems, and mental illness. And along with raising my own children, I also launched a nonprofit organization to bring youth friendly volunteer opportunities to families throughout Los Angeles.

I am feeling blessed to work collaboratively with the wonderful team at Trauma and Beyond, to bring healing and support to people experiencing distressing and persistent impact of prior trauma in their present lives, and to address barriers to life goals and dreams.