Dovid Meshchaninov, MS, SEP, LPCC #6632

MS, SEP, LPCC #6632



Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP)

Certified Craniosacral Touch Therapy

Mindfulness and stress reduction

PTSD and Anxiety


Depth and Existential Counseling

Couples counseling and relationships


About Dovid:

Dovid has a Masters in Clinical Counseling from Prescott College and is a Licensed Psychotherapist. Dovid also has specialized training in multiple cutting edge mind-body modalities to help clients overcome challenges or traumas. This can include complex developmental trauma which results when one’s needs aren’t met correctly in childhood or they experience abuse.

As a Certified Somatic Experiencing Practitioner (SEP), Dovid works with the body and nervous system to help clients release the traumas, emotions, or tension that their system is holding so that they can finally come back to peace and balance. Dovid also uses Mindfulness and centering techniques help clients learn the skills they need to help regulate themselves and experience more peace in their bodies.

Dovid is also a trained Crnaioscaral Therapist. Therapeutically informed trauma touch is a powerful and gentle tool to help clients re-connect to their emotions, calm hyper-vigilance, and bring a profound new peace to their mind and body.

Early life traumas also affect one’s ability to connect to others and build satisfying relationships. Through in-depth training in Attachment Dynamics, Dovid helps clients work through this dimension and helps deepen their ability for connection, trust, intimacy and satisfying sexuality. Dovid also works with Couples to help navigate those challenges and build thriving relationships.

Addictions are also a frequent unfortunate result of developmental trauma. Through a compassionate and non-judgmental approach, Dovid uses psychodynamic and somatic tools to helps clients successfully break free of these patterns.

Most importantly, Dovid understands that for true healing to take place, clients need to feel safe, understood and cared for in their therapy process. It is for this reason that Dovid brings true compassion and care to each session to help clients on their courageous journey of healing. Dovid is committed to bring the most advanced techniques from classical psychotherapy and mind-body modalities to help each client have the best results from their therapy journey.

Dovid enjoys using the above modalities at Trauma and Beyond and also has a private practice in Pico Robertson where he sees individuals and couples.