Cathy Herceg-Buehler, MA, AAMFT

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Somatic Therapy

Trauma Resiliency Model

Sensorimotor Psychotherapy

Complex PTSD


Love Addiction


About Cathy

With a specialization in trauma and child studies, I incorporate somatic body work into my practice. “The ability to self-regulate one’s body after exposure to long-term trauma will significantly impact that person’s ability to form lasting relationships and can create long term affects: PTSD, anxiety, depression, drug use, and disproportionate reactions to stressors. These experiences create neurobiological defects and change areas of the brain that regulate anxiety, mood, healthy partnerships, and memory.” ` (The Biology of Child Maltreatment, Harvard Mental Health Letter, 2005) This information from Harvard has driven my work to incorporate the body and to to use my training in Pat Ogden’s Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Level I & Level II to reprogram the body and disproportionate reactions to stressors in our most personal relationships and to create healthy and long lasting change. I have 20 years experience in the field of Complex PTSD, developmental trauma, anxiety, adult children of dysfunctional families, and love addiction.