EMDR for Healing Trauma – Trauma and Beyond Center ®

Sometimes we find ourselves reacting to situations, words, and people in ways that we do not understand. These reactions may seem irrational, confusing, and even frustrating because we do not know why our reaction had been so strong.  It can happen in a social outing, at work or in any interaction with others. We may…

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Is EMDR in Los Angeles right

Is EMDR in Los Angeles Right for You?

If you get a slight cut on your arm, your body has an innate ability to heal itself.  Maybe it doesn’t go as fast as you like, but the bleeding stops and then a scab forms. The scab is meant to protect the wound and facilitate further healing  Soon, the scab disappears, leaving only skin….

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Somatic Experiencing

Somatic Experiencing at Trauma and Beyond Center ®

Many trauma therapy methods involve retelling of traumatic memories. Although can be effective when done safely,  for many people it can be re-traumatizing. It can actually set some folks back. One therapy method that works differently is somatic experiencing. This particular trauma therapy focuses on the body. Considered a “bottom-up” approach, it places a strong…

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