treat depression in Los Angeles

Treat Depression in Los Angeles With NARM

Many of us carry deep long-lasting wounds from our childhood. It may have been something that now feels trivial or outright painful but the reality is that still takes up space in our bodies. We may have sunken into a depression once, or many times, when the memories are re-lived or when we feel its…

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intergenerational trauma

Understanding Intergenerational Trauma

There may be moments when your mind and body react to recountings of stories of trauma from your parents or grandparents.  While you may understand why you are disturbed by their story, you may not be aware of the impact that their intergenerational trauma has on you.   Trauma can be passed down generationally and…

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trauma therapy in Los Angeles

Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles Focused on Safety and Trust

When we talk about effective therapy entails, we often discuss it in terms of modalities, or different kinds of therapy. We talk about facilities, qualifications, and experience. However, one of the most important parts of an effective therapy that doesn’t often get discussed is a sense of safety. For therapy to help you in all…

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A Certified Trauma Professional

A Certified Trauma Professional on Depression and More

Where does depression come from?  Are we born with it, or is it a product of life experiences.   At the Trauma and Beyond Center ® we believe that most mental health problems have a basis in both biological as well as environmental influences. There may be a biological predisposition, but it is our early environment…

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Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles

Safety, Trust, and Mental Health Treatment in Los Angeles

At Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center ®, we know that you have many different options for mental health treatment in Los Angeles. If you search for “mental health treatment near me” or something similar, you’re liable to come up with hundreds (or more) responses. When we established Trauma and Beyond ®  we did so with…

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