Mental Health Treatment

Alternative Methods Can Work in Mental Health Treatment

The approach to helping someone with mental health issues has changed drastically over the years. Sadly, we live in a time today where it is all too common for doctors and specialists to immediately turn to the use of prescription or over-the-counter medications as a way of dealing with mental health disorders. In some cases…

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Trauma Therapy in Sherman Oaks

Reclaim Your Life through Trauma Therapy in Sherman Oaks

Trauma is an all-too-real experience for many people today and can cause severe emotional, psychological, and physical problems. Traumatic experiences can range widely and can occur at any time in your life. You may even have had a traumatic experience from years ago that you have long suppressed that is negatively impacting your life today….

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Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles

Trauma Therapy in Los Angeles Treatments

At our trauma therapy in Los Angeles center, we treat many different kinds of ailments, negative patterns and problems. However, we’ve found that there are many kinds of problems that people don’t know that we treat. For example, most assume that we treat addiction and depression, but they don’t know about other ailments we treat, such…

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Trauma Treatment in Sherman Oaks

Beyond Trauma Treatment in Sherman Oaks

Here at the “Trauma and Beyond Center,” we get many questions asking something like: “what does beyond mean?” The truth is that, for us, “beyond” has multiple meanings. The first, simplest and most direct meaning is that we help our patients to move beyond trauma and its symptoms. “Moving beyond” doesn’t just mean that our…

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