Julia Rose MFT

Julia Rose, MFT

dual diagnosis


Infant-Child and Parent Specialist

Meadows-trained Post-Induction Therapy model

Neurosequential Model of Therapeutics

Community Resiliency Model


About Julia:

Julia Rose Polk works with children and adults who are recovering from trauma, addiction, and codependency. Understanding that the therapeutic relationship is of utmost importance, she seeks to earn the trust of her clients through compassion, emotional support and acceptance.

Julia Rose is oriented toward somatic (body) and emotional processing, supporting individuals in walking through unresolved grief related to their trauma. She attempts to bring a humanizing – rather than pathologizing – perspective to clients dealing with maladaptive or unflattering coping behaviors. She strives to reflect her clients’ strengths and capacities, and supports them in reconnecting with their inherent human agency.

When appropriate, Julia Rose shares about her own healing journey, offering hope, wisdom and perspective around the healing process.

Julia Rose has been featured on The Trauma Therapist podcast twice, is founder of Trauma Camp – a professional development program for teachers to learn about trauma – and has recently launched the Relationship Templates e-Course, which is based on The Meadows’ healing model of trauma and codependency.